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Half of Breeding South African Boerboel dogs-puppies is proper feeding.

Being a breeder I get inquiries on feeding regimes and techniques. I am going to attempt to anwser the following questions with this article.

The most complete readily available food for a South African Boerboels is chicken leg quarters. Chicken Leg Quarters available at Walmart or Save Alot in 10 lb bags for about are a great value for the serious boerboel owner have fat muscle and bone in the perfect ratios. It should be fed RAW. With the BONE IN. I know it may sound strange but this is what I do I take my dog outside a toss the chicken leg quarters on the ground. the dog or puppy is allowed to eat until full.

Feeding raw does not mean boiled grilled deep fried or heated in any type of way. Raw feeding is the absolute best way to feed any canine.

After your boerboel pup is full watch it may be sniff the ground this is a signal that the pup needs to potty.

Never over feed a South African Boerboel

Any dog for that matter should not be over fed or fed to the point that the stomach becomes extended. There are several decreased health rick for dogs who remain leaner versus the dogs who are allowed to gain excess weight. They include increase fertility and mobility, decreased bloat risk and decreased hip dysplasia just to name a few.

So what dry kibble dog food do we use and reccommend? I like the Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy. This is really good dog food but some what pricey at 45.00 foe 33 lbs. But quality comes at a price. We notice that Eukanuba does not swell when wet, also the kibble are large so puppies are forced to chew the kibble versus just swallowing down mouthfulls.

Feed your dog until it stops eating and not a bite more. Then wait til its begging for food again.

a hungry dog will have more energy because less energy is being devoted to digesting food. If you want a more active dog feed it less. Hunger fules the dog and the tiger a like.

First and foremost as breeders we want the strongest most fertile breeding specimens possible. So what we do is research read and study trends patterns and habbits of our chosen breed. Looking at the very best boerboels in the breed historically you will see that the best of the best breeders are advocates for raw feeding ad the proof is in the dogs.

Biggest mistake breeders make is letting dogs get overweight

Time and time agian I have seen or heard of breeders who have dogs that are not getting pregnant and having lower sperm counts. Well guess what we have a reason for this. Fat dogs and borderline obese dogs alike are not fit for breeding. Many people claiming to be "breeders" do nothing more than feed their dogs in cages everyday. If you look closely you can tell which dogs are not getting the excersise and overeating.

Many of the problems we experience within in our breed is directly related to diet excersise and routine vet health care. One thing that is very important for us to consider is the fact that dogs and humans have evolved over millions of years along side each other. So many of the problems we have in dogs can be directly correlated with the problems that we have as humans.

We can directly see a relation ship between obesity and infertility. Obese dogs and people have fertility issues. Coincidence I think not. The fact of the matter is lazy fatter dogs are less fertile.

A giant breed like the South african Boerboel does not need to be as large as can possibly be. south african Boerboels do NOT need to eat every day. In Fact I feed our adult dogs every third day in the summer and and oncer per day in the winter. With a day to fast once a week.

With that being said do NOT try to put your breeding dog on a crash diet in order to get ready for an upcoming breeding. The way to go about preparing you canine for breeding is by having a consistent diet of excersise and high quality nutrition.

We feed our South African Boerboels raw meat and bones. Why feed a dog-puppy raw meat. Feeding raw does not make a dog aggressive, feeding raw is the best way to feed a carnivore. Dogs-puppies can better digest and absorb nutrients from raw meat because the k9 species stomach was designed for,

When food is cooked nutrients are lost and boerboels don't need their food cooked. Boerboel puppy eating boneKibble is cooked at very high temperatures and sprayed with vitamins to make up for what was lost in the cooking process. The sprayed on vitamins are for the most part synthetic and less absorbable than natural nutrients and minerals. Dogs-and puppies do not need these fortified nutrients to thrive.

Boerboels are carnivores and thrive on an all meat diet. What you can expect when feeding your Boerboel dog-puppy raw is great healthy shine in you animals appearance, a happier attitude, great muscle tone and definition from the appropriate meat protein source. Because boerboel dogs-puppies are intended to get their protien from meat they absorb and utilize protien better when it is from a meat source.

When a Boerboel dog-puppy is fed kibble he isn't doing the extensive chewing is mouth was designed for. In fact a kibble fed Boerboel dogs-puppies are more prone to bloat, a digestive malfunction twisting of the dogs stomach. Because kibble break down in a dogs stomach into a soupy sandy substance Dog-puppies who are fed kibble see a far greater occurrence of bloat.

Small amounts of kibble end up as tartar on the boerboels teeth. Raw fed dogs-puppies on the contrary use bone like a toothe brush when the dog is grinding the bone with his teeth this has the same effect of us using the toothe brush to remove plaque. The tripe we feed our South African Boerboel dog-puppies is like a dental floss.

Boerboel boneRaw fed boerboel dogs-puppies also poop far less . When more nutrients are digestible and absorbable then what you end up with is less waste. The odor is low in comparison to a low quality kibble because the nutrients are absorbed so good. source.

Well now you may be thinking how can I afford to feed my boerboel dog-puppy raw meats on a daily basis? Well when you subtract the cost of often visits with your Boerboel to the vet for health related issues. Then add the money you save on items like breath freshener and toothe brushes and toothe paste. The idea the you will live a happier life for longer with your Boerboel dog-puppy. I think that it balances out.

Look at all of my South African Boerboel you will notice well filled heads. The muscles are their because of the way that the eat. Muscles are very important for the boerboel. In the videos notice how much time is spent chewing when our boerboels are fed raw. Eating raw is a workout itself. Many boerboels you see these days lack the muscle on either side of the head and that at is where they get that hump on the top of skull or peanut head as I like to call them. The best way to avoid a dog-puppy developing the peanut head is to feed them large meaty bones.

How did I start and learn about this way of feeding. When I first began my search for the ultimate champion south african boerboel bloodlines I came across many web sites that were heavily advocating the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet. This was totally new and exciting to me. As a boy people always said bones could cause your dog-puppy to choke, or raw meat would cause him to go mad.

My Cane Corso I had at the time would just eat enough dog food to survive it seemed. This dog never got full and would not gain the muscle I was looking for. Point blank she just wasn't in peak physical condition and I knew it. I could not resist more research about raw feeding dogs-.Boerboel

After weeks of research and talking to my dog mentors I decided to give it a try. I began with a40 pound box of chicken quarters from a local meat market. The chicken quarters worked great. My CC dog absolutely loved the chicken and got fuller than ever. I could see muscles in her chest and legs that I never knew were there. So I continued to feed her both kibble and raw.

Later I got my first breeding South African Boerboel Pluto . At the time I had a litter of Cane Corso puppies on the ground. The difference in the health and appearance of the puppies made me try to find a way to feed my South African boerboel dogs-puppies the same diet that Pluto was fed in S. A. the Raw Diet.

Fast Forward to today I now get my boerboels food from the North East Ohio Raw Feeding Coop. The base of the diet that we feed is raw green tripe. About 80% of the diet that my boerboel eat is raw green tripe.

A Ohio Boerboels our dogs-puppies diet is completely raw. All of the bone meat and organs come from cows slaughtered for human consumption. All of the chicken is from the grocery store. It is the same poultry that we eat at our dinner table. When we hunt our dogs-puppies eat whatever we kill. The majority of wild kills we feed are gophers raccoons possums squirrels ducks and deer.

Your Ohio boerboel puppy will be weaned onto the raw diet as it is the nature intended weaning formula.

There are tons of articles and information out there that you can find out about this cutting edge way of feeding

The raw feeding may cost a bit more but it is well worth it. Our South African Boerboel dogs puppies thank us for it.

Toxic Foods avoid feeding your dog.

Garlic and Onions

Grapes and Raisins

Macadamia nuts

Chocolate and or Caffiene

Jordan Pittman 216-244-2088

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