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South African Boerboel Puppies

Lebron X Oprah litter

Contact Giddeon Fisher 717-687-7243

3 male and 4 female Ready to Ship March 9 2015

Lucy(Light Fawn Female)

Fermale Boerboel Puppy

female Boerboel Breeder

Lacey (Brindle Female)

brindle Female Boerboel

Brindle female Boerboel puppy

Lavar (Solid Blue Male)

solid blue male boerboel

solid blue male Puppy

Leroy (Brown Brindle)

brindle male boerboel

brindle boerboel puppy

Leanore(Solid Blue Female)

Blue female Boerboel p[up[p[y for sale

solid Blue Female Boerboel Puppy for sale

Lani (Chestnut Brindle Female)

Chestnut brindle female boerboel puppy


Chestnut Brindle Female

Leena (Fawn Female Boerboel)

Fawn Female Boerboel

Fawn Female Boerboel


Before you commit to owning a South African Boerboel please visit our about puppies page. The page is designed to help you prepare for your home for life with a boerboel puppy.

As breeders our goal is to produce well rounded Boerboel puppies and dogs that end up in the hands of qualified dedicated owners. As breeders exhibitors and enthusiast our goal is to produce complete dogs that are placed for life. We have some puppies that will be better suited for shows and some puppies will be better for working how ever all of our puppies requires owners who are prepared to provide high quality care.

All of our puppies make excellent family pet companions. Joy comes to us when our dogs fit into our clients home as a beloved member of the family. We want to help you select the right dog or pup for your circumstances. Remember the boerboel is majestic and magnificent and with that comes great responsibility.We must protect our breed from potential harmful circumstances. Our dogs are not for everyone.

Jordan Pittman 216-244-2088

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