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Before you buy a Boerboel puppy

Exotic Boerboels wants your puppy-buying experience to be a full and complete success . So we have a puppy preparation guide to help new owners. As with many things in life, a gram of preparation is worth a kilo of problem solving. Being prepared will resul in a smooth transition for your puppy from our home to yours.

Designate a potty area.

Because all puppies will need to be potty trained, this is something that you should have planned well before your new puppy arrives home. One of the easiest ways to potty train is by rewarding your puppy with lots of love, affection and praise for using the potty in its designated area.Be proud of your Boerboel for going to the bathrom in the "bathroom." The designated potty area should be the very first place that your new pup explores once it arrives in the new home.

Puppy-proof your home

Similar to child proofing a home. Remember that puppies like to explore new things with their paws and mouth. Most household items that are soft and will fit into the puppy's mouth will almost certainly find their way into the pup's mouth if it is available to them. This means that elitrical cords plugged into floor-level outlets should be made unavailable to your new pup. You want to keep your belongings intact while keeping your puppy safe.

Sleeping arrangements. Have a place for your puppy to sleep.

Sleeping arrangements are crucial as this can be a difficult time. Remember, this will be the first time your pup is away from mom and the littermates. Adjusting to sleeping alone can be difficult. Unhappy puppies can suffer from stress and may cry all night resulting in anxiety. I prefer to have my new pups sleep in a bedroom with humans. I find that this helps us build a stronger bond. Later as my puppy grows into a big dog then I rest much better knowing that I have a guard dog by myside. No that I expectt the dog to save my life.all I expect for my Guard dog to do is be an obstacle between me and an intruder. A new pup will miss its mom and litter mates having you their as a replace ment is a great way to ease to puppy into the new home.

Walking / Excersise shedule.

With south African Boerboels this is very very important. Do Not forget that Boerboels are farms dogs that are bred to work on a farm all day. That means without mental stimulation they get restless. If you do not have time to dedicate to walking or excersising you Boerboel pup daily then do not get one. This is one of the main problems that new owners face in having a new South African Boerboel puppy. South African Boerboels need sunlight and excersie to build strong bone muscles and minds. Remember all dogs not just boerboels need to hear sounds see sights and smell smells they need to run and stretch their legs. It is never fair to expect your dog to live 40 plus hours a week in a cage while you are at work.

  • Young pups can catch contagious disease even if fully vaccinated.
  • Large and Giant Breed dogs should not be excercised extensively prior to 18 months of age.

Even after your puppy arrives healthy it should still see a vet to schedule the remaining vaccinations and worm treatments.Don't forget your puppy can still cotract deadly diseases if it is not fully vaccinated.

In summary:All dogs need time, room, exercise, nutrition and attention to reach their full potential. South Afrian Boerboels being being big strong muscular and filled with energy need this a little more. A good strong well thought plan can make integrating your new dog into your home a smooth transition. Below is a check list of things to consider prior to purchasing your new Boerboel.

  • Do you have time for a young boerboel dog-pup?
  • Do I have enough room in my home for a energetic young boerboel dog-pup?
  • Are you going through relationship issues that may effect your boerboel dog-pup?
  • Are your living conditions secure for a boerboel dog-pup?
  • Do you have the space for a large powerful boerboel dog-pup?
  • Do you have time to devote to your boerboel dog-pup?
  • Do you see yourself committed to your boerboel dog-pup for the next 12-14 years?
  • Can I afford to feed another life my boerboel dog-pup.

African Boerboel puppy for saleAfrican Boerboel puppy for saleAfrican Boerboel puppy for sale

A young cute puppy will grow up to be a big dog in a very short amount of time. Before you buy a puppy. You should

  • Know where your boerboel dog-pup is going to sleep.
  • Have an area mapped out where you will walk the boerboel dog-pup.
  • Have an idea of whether or not you cannot afford a boerboel dog-pup in terms of feeding, training, vet bills etc.
  • Have a set of rules for all members of the family regarding the boerboel dog-pup.
  • Know where to find a good trainer.

After you get your plan. Make sure your home and family is briefed as to the family rules and training of the puppy . Before you buy a pup take the time to browse a few training web site and or grab a book about puppy hood and training dogs. Give your self a jump start a prepare to train you puppy as soon as it arrives home. This early preparation will save you tons of time and energy later on leading you to liver brighter healthier less stressful days to enjoy with our families and dogs.

african boerboel puppyafrican boerboel puppyafrican boerboel puppy

To our clients buying puppies we recommend That you get your dog on on a day when you have a good amount of time to spend with the puppy.The time when the puppy leaves its mom and littermates can be a stressful. To make the transition smooth have time set aside to be there with the puppy. The time is when you can really begin to develop a bond with your boerboel pup. With a good plan you can smoothly fit you puppy into a daily schedule and regime from the very beginning .

Jordan Pittman



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