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South African Boerboel Breeders must be well informed on mating.

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Call me Mr. Optimistic always looking for the good in any given situation. I know from personal experience that the more informed you are the better decisions you can make. If you would like to breed boerboels with a little luck, research, dedication and a lot of hard work you can be a successful South African Boerboel Breeder. Anything you put your mind to your can do. In life we live and we learn and if you are a determined person who who refuses to lose and never gives up, you have what it takes to do whatever you want.

Mating For Breeders

This page is mating 101 for the aspiring boerboel breeder. Not those set just becoming a puppy reproducer. Hopefully "breeders" will learn and try to do what is best for our beloved boerboel breed. Hopefully we convert a puppy producer into someone who strives to produce puppies who are better than their parents in every litter every generation versus producing puppies for profit .

Let me make 1 thing very clear. In order to be a dog breeder that means that you own a bitch. You may own a stud dog as well but in order to be the breeder you have to have a bitch. If you only possess a stud dog then you are simply the owner of a stud dog.

The serious breeder

does not just own a female dog but has taken the time and selected a quality brood bitch. The sincere breeder has vast knowledge of the brood bitch. Meaning being familiar with the bitches bloodline any siblings parents grandparents and any other family memeber that exist. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of any dog you choose to breed with. Breadth of pedigree is more important than depth. Meaning siblings are better indicators of genetic potential than parents grand parents Ect.


Special mention of the champion stud dog must be made because champions do not always produce champions. Do get caught up in the award or especiall the SABT appraisal score. Even the champion stud can have defects right along with the obvious strengths. More important than the fact the dog at hand is a champion is the combination that was used to produce the champion. If a champion boerboel is what you are looking for then the best chance you have at obtaining one is by buying from the producing combination. The champion genetics is because of the winning combination. To sum it all up in a nutshell "the champion dog is the ultimate tribute to its parents."

To be sucessful at dog breeding one must posses immense knowledge of the heat cycle. Timing is crucial to your success.

Many people think that breeding $2000.00 puppies is very lucrative and easy. Let me be one of the first people to tell you that breeding dogs period is alot of work. Breeding is much more than just pairing a male stud dog and a female dog. Breeding dogs is also not very lucrative seeing that dogs only have puppies 2 times per year. Personally I have bills due every month and I need money everyday.What I am saying in a nutshell is don't quit you day job thinking that you can provide for yourself soley as a boerboel breeder. I don't know any boerboel breeders who don't have regular jobs.

Yet you can make some money producing boerboels under the right circumstances. Meaning you do your part as the breeder of the dogs.

There is quite a bit of preparation that you need to take before you let your female and male mate.Hopefully you have done your homwework and wnet out and selcted high quality reproducing breeding stock that will enhance your chosen breed. After you have done so. Be sure that you have plenty of money to buy quality food that provides essential nutrients and the best nutrition for your brood bitch as well as the puppies inside her.

Time and time again we have mentioned selection so we already know that you have the stock with the traits you intend to lock in your line. You bitch has been health checked as well as your stud dog. You bitch is mature enough for breeding. Now she is bleeding and the heat cycly has begun. Yaaay

Lets dive deeper into the heat cycle and what it is and what is happening to your bitch when she is bleeding. Here we will cover ehen it is appropiate to breed.

At the very first sight of blood from the vulva is an indication you have intered into the proestrus, the initial stage of the heat cycle. You may may or may not see blood on the vulva you may just notice spots blood on the floor.

Now would be a good time to take a white bath tissue and rub your bitches vulva to see and be for sure. The is period of the cycle last on average of 9 days. During which you may notice your stud dogs activity level increase. The reason is during proestrus your bitches emits pheremones and the smell is intoxication to the sensitive nose of the stud dog. Pheremones can be picked up by stud dog in a 3 mile radius. You will notice your male want to urine ontop of where the bitch potties this is to mask the smell. He would prefer his scent to be picked up over hers to discourage other inquiring males. This is his way of letting other male in the neighborhood know there is an alpha in the territory. If you do not have a stud dog on premises be sure to never leave your bitch unattended during the estrous cycle. For you may attract clever stray males who may lay and wait for your beautiful brood bitch. Stray dogs have the potential to carry harmful stds like Brucellosis which could render your bitch fertile.

During proestrus however your bitch will show no interest in breeding . She may let him smell and lick but as soon as he tries to mount she will turn and snap or run or do whatever she has in her to keep him from mounting. This is a good time to get your male around the bitch however. I prefer to get the dogs get aquainted. Let nature take its course. During the time of prosetrus the male interest will build and he will be eargerly anticipating the estrus which immediatly follows when she will be ready to recieve him.

Estrus is the stage of standing heat. Meaning when the male mounts the bitch she moves her tail to the side to accept the males advances.

During mating the male bulbus gland of the penis swells inside the bitches vagina resulting in what is known as the tie. Dogs Breeding tie Mating tieDuring this time the male is tied with the female his penis is pulsating and ejaculating sperm into the uterus where it can s0urvive for up to three days. The tie can last from 2- 45 minutes. Let nature take its course do not do anythig to try to get the dogs apart whilst they are tied Normally the stud dog will now flip his leg over the back of the bitch. . On most occasions when you have accomplished the tie you will likely produce a litter providing you have taken the proper steps caring for your bitch and selecting your male. to be Cont.

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