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The best dog collars and how they apply to the South African Boerboel

There’s been a steady rise in the popularity of the South Africa Boerbeoel breed. However, we’ve also seen a growing trend of Boerboels ending up in rescues and shelters. As a lover and breeder of Boerboels, we find this situation disturbing.

Although Boerboels are majestic breeds, a lot of people might not know how to train them to be a great companion. Because of this, people often resort to giving them collars that may inflict pain and produce the opposite results.

In order to help guide them in choosing the right collar for the breed, we’ve compiled a list of collars they can use to help in training their dogs to become the perfect man’s bestfriend.

Electric shock collars are the LAST RESORT option.

Based on experience, when we want to train our dogs and puppies, we use the standard correctional collars called the choke chains. But, there are many other collars that can be used for training your dogs. some dog owners prefer the use of electric shock collars in order to get the results they want faster.

But remember that dogs are living beings too. And, we strongly recommend to use electric shock collars as a last resort, if you’d rather have it on your dog than to give them up to the shelter. So, if you plan on using a shock collar, we ask that you do it in the most humane way. Dogs can feel pain too.

Putting the collar on

The first step in getting your dog accustomed to wearing shock collars is to have the courage to put it on them yourself. Place the on high and try to give your dog a shock to see how it reacts. That way, you are able to gauge how high you should do in terms of the level of shock intensity.

We are strongly against putting dogs to rescues, and if shock collars help avoid situations like that, then we strongly recommend it. When South African Boerboels  end up in shelters, it means certain death because dogs who aren’t adopted have to be euthanized. Make no mistake, we are not saying that you need shock collars to build a great relationship with your Boerboels. The key to understanding them is to know the best way to communicate with them.

The Choke Collar

Choke chains are our collar of choice when it comes to training our adult dogs and puppies. When used correctly, choke chains can effectively correct the slightly bad behaviors of your dogs. It helps reduce the frequency of your dogs pulling on the leash.

Before you put on the collar

There are three heavy-duty collars: the sporting collar, flat collar, and belt buckle collar. This collar type will last an entire dog’s lifetime, with the three-ply for adults and the two-ply for puppies. Usually, these collars are 2 inches wide and made of nylon that is stitched, not buttoned. These collars are better than leather collars because they will not dry stretch, and break easily. These collars are excellent if you tether your dog for fresh air during the day. They also work great if you decide to put LIGHT-weight at the end of the rope or chain so your dog can pull. Let me once again EMPHASIZE lightweight. Remember that this weight is going around the neck. So, it should not be too heavy to avoid putting strain on the neck. Also, remember that you should start smaller dogs on smaller chains to avoid restraining movement.

Best Collars for the Dog Show the Fur Saver

When we step out to dog shows, we like to use the fur saver collar or a custom-made flat collar. The fur saver collar saves your dog’s fur from wearing down on the dog’s neck. Sometimes these collars are REQUIRED for your dog to be eligible for events. So if you plan on showing or working your South African Boerboel, invest in a fur saver for the road trip, just in case it is required. It would be terrible for you to put in months, maybe even years’ worth of work only to find out that you will have to wait until the next competition because you did not have your fur saver. And trust me, it does happen.

So, again we only advocate the use of the remote collar as a LAST RESORT EFFORT to save you South African Boerboel. It should only come after you have tried all of the other methods and had no success. Try the remote collar only when your dog’s life depends on it.

E collar is a term used to describe a family of remote control training collars.

Also known as the remote collar electronic collars or shock collar. The collar produces a static pulse at different intensities and lengths coming from a transmitter inside the collar. Some may also have a sound vibration and GPS. Electronic collars originated in 1960 for hunting dogs, and the early models were so powerful that improper usage often resulted in injury to the dogs. Today e collars have a wide variety of uses for many different types of dogs, including the South African Boerboel.

The benefits of e collar training your African Boerboel.

Cons of the e collar and your South African Boerboel

Appropriate ways to implement the e collar with your South African Boerboel

Before you begin to use an e collar with your South African Boerboel dog puppy, consult a professional in the field of e collars. Also, read all of the instructions that come with your e collar because the e collar is a powerful training tool that can have serious consequences when inappropriately used.

E collar can flat-out ruin dogs. 

If you decide to invest in an E collar, we would like you to remember that the idea is not to inflict pain and punish the dog. But instead, to tell the dog in a clear message to the brain that the behavior they are currently displaying is incorrect. And, there is nothing more to it than that.

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