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I come from a logline of farmers and caretakers. My grandfather was born a sharecropper in the South. His father was the son of the owner of the plantation. Over 20 families lived together charged with the daily chores and responsibilities of farm life. Hard work in the outdoors with nature is instinctual. Naturally, I am attracted to nature. 

Growing up a boy I spent many days and hours with my grandad working alongside him. His country philosophy on animal care rubbed off on me. I remember stories of how my Great Grandfather would not allow his livestock to breed to inferior stock. Mister was his name and he only bred to the best cows pigs and dogs. He was no-nonsense and did not make exceptions to his rules. 
My cousins also had the animal lover gene. We spent time in the mall window shopping at the pet store the way many children would at a toy store. When we became teenagers we would get newspapers just to read the classified section where the dog breeders listed their puppies. The plain dealer classified section was the way that people bought dogs in those days and many breeds were listed. You could take your pick and go visit the breeder if they were open to visitors. In the library, we would check out all the animal books. Many days I spent in my room on punishment with nothing but animal books. Reading the animal books helped me pass time on. 

My first dog was named Bear. He was a legend. My cousin and I got him from our neighbors who were giving away puppies. Their Golden Retriever had been bred by the neighbor’s loose Chow. Now they were giving away puppies for free. 

More than Boerboel Puppy Breeders

Here, we strive for the best in life, especially in the hobby of breeding dogs. Dogs and puppies are family. I have an extreme love for animals, and family is exceptionally important to me. I am passionate and devoted to being a great father, husband, brother, son, and friend.
My love for animals and Boerboel dogs began when I was a young boy. I found an interest in watching cartoons and going on outdoor adventures with my family. The cartoons I watched caught my attention as I noticed the animals and how they interacted with their owners. I found the way the animals played and the emotions the owners displayed while being with them fascinating. In fact, it made me realize that I had to get a pet for myself, and sure enough, my life changed for the better.

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Spike a muscled up American Bulldog the cartoon dog from Tom and Jerry was my first image of a Boerboel

I am an animal lover and a family man. Our dogs and animals are considered family. I am passionate and devoted to being a great father, husband, brother, son, and friend. Whatever I am involved in, I want to be the best; even in my hobby of breeding dogs.

My love for animals and Boerboel dogs first comes from watching cartoons and outdoor adventures as a youth.

Back in my day, I watched all the classics Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney, Bugs Bunny, Foghorn Leghorn, Looney Tunes, Daffy Duck, Warner Bros Barn Yard dawg, just to name a few. However, the only time we spent in front of the television was only when we could not go outside playing sports.

African Boerboel Dog Standing With a Young Child

Our Goal As Breeders

Our goal is to provide families with high-quality puppies. We decided to get into South African Boerboel breeding because we loved the dogs and wanted to provide animal-loving families who would appreciate this beautiful, majestic breed. Since then, our goals have not waivered. We are still committed to breeding for families. We firmly believe that a South African Boerboels place is with a family.

Dogs are living creatures with hearts that beat, and they are dependent on their owners. Moreover, they remember like humans, have emotions, can sense pain, and understand the fair treatment. As humans, it is our responsibility to treat animals with respect and not inflict pain and suffering. Therefore, we sell very limited breeder dogs.

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What inspires me to be a Boerboel Breeder?

The Boerboel dog and I have much in common. We are devoted leaders who are mentally and physically strong. Ordained protectors not looking for a fight but capable of dealing with threats.
My goal is to one day produce the most intelligent, outstanding family companion, muscular, athletic specimen of a South African Boerboel the world has ever known. The South African Boerboel is a breed of dogs capable of the ideal balance of temperament, power, and athleticism, and we are close to proving to the world that this is the most versatile breed of dog known to man.
At this time, we have some exciting prospects with huge potential to join us while we build the most athletic collection of show-stopping functional family companions the world has ever known.