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Exotic Boerboels take pride in selling the highest quality of Boerboels in Cleveland, Ohio. Our company just doesn’t breed these dogs for profits. We genuinely care. We also want to make sure that they go to families who will love them just as much as we do. Owning a dog isn’t easy, and we can definitely attest to that. But having Boerboels is a life-changing experience. We can confidently say that once they are in your life, you won’t remember the times when you were not with them.

In the beginning, taking care of them and training them might seem like a great challenge. But we promise that it will be worth your while. Boerboels give a lot of love to owners who take the time to understand them. Once successfully trained, they will surely be the perfect man’s best friend. The best advice we can give is to trust in the process.

Boerboels, being a unique breed, may cause clients to have a lot of questions. May it be questions on how to care for them, or the best dog food, or just how they are in terms of behavior, we are here to help. It is unavoidable to have questions about these things, and we want to answer all the questions you might have to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. To do that, we have provided a contact form in our site as well as our email and phone number.



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We hope to offer our clients the best when it comes to buying Boerboels. Moreover, we want to share our experiences in the hopes to give guidance to new dog owners of this breed. For questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us via email or call us.